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Assalamualaikum dan annyeong haseyo .
hye guys . alolo boring lah esok dah nak sekolah balik . rasa macam cuti satu hari je. Nak cuti lagi lah . So sempat lagilah nak join kpop tagged nie. tag sesiapa yg mnat kpop je . sya telah ditag oleh Atiqah Unnie . Thanks tag unnie . so ni soalan dia . :)

 The first kpop group that you know and you like .
----> SHINee . Because my bestfriend show me some video about SHINee

The first KPOP song you heard.
----> Replay (SHINee)

 What the ultimate fandom that you're into ? Max 2.
----> Exotics and Infinite ( love them ) !!

 Your first bias and he/she is no longer yours.
----> Key from SHINee * sorry oppa because i meet another bias most handsome* XD

 Your ultimate bias. Just pick one.
----> Yeah . Of couse my HunHan from Exo and SungJong from Infinite (they so handsome and cute).

 Do you like KDrama or Variety show? if you do, list it.
----> Little bit KDrama .. He's beautiful , Secret Garden , Boys Over Flower .

 Do you ever buy or go to their concert of fanmeeting ? If you ever, upload da picture.
----> No. I want to go but my parents will not allow.

 Currently you listen to what KPOP song ?
----> Big Bang , Exo , Super Junior , U-kiss , Infinite and more . !

 Girl group that you hate most ?
----> 4 minute because they so sexy *sorry 4NIA*

 Girl group that you like most ?
----> SNSD and T-ARA .

 Your boyfriend name ? ( I mean you assume your bias as your boyfriend)
----> Sehun , Luhan and SungJong .

 Currently dating with ?
----> Of Couse HunHan .  <3

 The KPOP song you hate ?
----> No. I like all kpop song .

 Did you ever think that you want to marry your bias ?
----> No. because the differences are very much.

 Why you love KPOP ?
----> Because very best song I heard now. most importantly they cute .

 Do you have a friend or someone you know that hate KPOP ?
----> Yes many . Because they said they do plastic surgery . but not all !!

 Does your boyfriend / girlfriend get jealous with your bias ?
----> No . I'am single forever .

 The KPOP song you often play.
----> EXO

 Your bias list. Max 5.
----> Lee Teuk , Sehun , Luhan , SungJong and Tiffany .

 Since when you fall in love with your ultimate bias ?
----> Since I watch the History MV. as rapper . (Y)

 Does he has a scandal or ideal type girl ?
----> I don't know XD

 Your favourite dance KPOP group ?
----> History (Exo)

 Your bias sexy / hot picture ?

I really like this picture because Sehun very handsome

 Which kpop blog that you like to view the most ? Blogger instead Tumblr.
----> Mrsbaekyeol because she really love kpop and the freebies so awesome :) .

 Write a words for your bias.
----> Dear EXO, always be the best and keep hwaiting ! EXOtics always love you guys . Exo the best !!!

 Write a word for your bias.
----> Dear Hunhan . you guys really cute and handsome . i love you forever .

Hohoohoho ... habis pon. english agak terbalik sikit.


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